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Wedding Hair

Say "I Do" to Your Dream Wedding Hair


While a major part of a bride's dream wedding is a spectacular gown, a beautifully romantic hairstyle is an essential ingredient of the bridal fantasy. 

Close your eyes, imagine how you have dreamt you will look on your special day… and let Haircuts Plus in Norwood, MA make your dreams come true. 

Celebrity Bridal Hair Secrets…

  • Choose a trained and talented stylist that makes you feel comfortable.  One who understands your hair type and the style you are trying to achieve.


  • Pictures, pictures, pictures…. Pictures of hairstyles, your dress, and the placement of hair accessories are key ways of communicating effectively to your stylist.


  • Your hairstyle should complement your dress.  For example, old hollywood flair and high glamour go together well!


  • Take weather and climate into consideration.  Curly or frizzy hair in the middle of summer MUST be thought out carefully. 


  • Wedding hair should be timeless and modern, NOT trendy.


  • Remember, you will look back at these memories for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Be comfortable with your style... confidence equals beauty!!


  • Weddings are like mini fashion shows. A spectacular fashion show has a common theme. Allowing the bridesmaids to display their uniqueness within a common theme will make your wedding chic and elegant!


Your wedding day is your greatest red carpet moment… Let Haircuts Plus in Norwood, MA make you feel like a star…



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